The advertising plan for this web is designed to fit in with the overall design goals. The home pages consists of 150 X 100 pixel site cells. Each cell links to some item, a book description, a magic essay, a clip demonstrating magic, or whatever strikes my fancy. Part of this plan is that anything put on this site remains on the site. Items are added but never to be taken away. The idea is that new visitors will experience the site as did long time users. A goal is that all visitors go back and forth over the cells to review memories or find new subjects of interest.

Under this design, ads appear as other cells, just another stone to turn over or another chocolate to bite into to see what it is. Ad cells have the word, "AD" under them. Ad cells can be displayed as animated gifs so they can stand out when visitors scan the home pages. The ad rate is $50 per cell per month. Bear in mind that this is an introductory arrangement.

I understand that an ad is to pitch your product but also add to the value of my site. Therefore, I hope your ad will supply a visually appealing image and the content will entertain your visitor whether they purchase your product or not.

If an ad cell has not been purchased by someone, it will reference some product on amazon dot com.

I expect the following:

1. I accept your ad on my whim. If I do not, you get your money back.
2. If I do not like anything about your ad, it will be removed.
3. The ad will not steal my viewers. If someone enters your site, there will be an obvious path to return to my site.

Paypal is used as the money transfer medium as it provides us both with mediating powers.

When purchasing an ad cell refer to the column, row of the cell. If no cells are available, a new cell can be requested that will be put up the next time the site is updated. An ad cell purchase will more than likely trigger an update.

To purchase an ad cell, submit a payment for $50 via Paypal. In the order, include the link to display a jpg or gif image. Also include the link to your web site. If there are questions I will contact you via email. If you want me to build the HTML, that is OK.

Al Schneider