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Note: when the trick is over, all can be examined without any remaining evidence on
how it was accomplished. This trick can be done impromptu if you can get seven
business cards from someone. There is a setup for the trick. If you use your own cards,
they can be prepared ahead of time. If you get someone else's cards, you can set up in
front of them if you mumble a bit and doodle with the cards held close to your chest.
Another method to set up in front of the spectators is to carry two felt tip pens. When
you get the cards, use one pen for a set up. Look at it strange and mumble the pen is out
of ink. Then, get out the second pen as if it is OK and continue the effect.
The trick only uses seven business cards plus any associated felt tip pens. The sleights
are not complicated and can be mastered easily.