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Ambitious Card
This is Al's version of this classic routine. Al has used this sequence to open his
close-up show for many years. It is proven with hundreds of performances.
Begin by bringing forth a deck of cards. The cards are removed from the case
and it is set carefully aside. The claim is made that the cards are marked. The
cards are spread. A card is slid forward at random and the performer looks at
the back and names the card. The performer turns the card face up and claims
there are two ways to read marked cards. One way is to look at the number in
the corner and the other is to count the pips. Then the performer demonstrates some
fancy cuts with the cards. The performer then claims the cards are not shuffled
and proceeds to mix them face up and face down. Almost immediately
the cards are spread and shown to be all face up. The cards are spread
and someone asked to touch a card. That card is put on top of the deck and
marked by a spectator. Then the card is turned face down and inserted into the
middle of the deck. The deck is squeezed
and the top card is turned up. The card is turned
face down The action of inserting the card into the middle of the deck
and having it appear on top is repeated three more times. Then the claim is made that