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the entire deck consists of that marked card. The deck is cut in several places to show
this. Then the deck is spead face up to show the
marked card is not there. The card case is picked up. The case is
flipped open and the marked card pulled from the case. That is the end of this
The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daly
This simple sequence has endured the test of time. The most seasoned card guy will do
this when standing before a group of non-professionals and desires a stable positive
response. The trick is presented as kind of a test. The four aces are commonly used in
this test. The spectators are asked to track the position of the black and red cards.
Suddenly, the black and red cards change position. It produces a strong laugh without
funny lines. This trick would do well in the second position of the show after a snappy
opening. You could claim you want to test the audience's observation capabilities.
Whispering Queen
This is a trick from Bert Alperton's, Close up Magician. This is an excellent trick to do
when hanging around people and a deck of cards happens to be nearby.
The cards are spread and a spectator asked to touch a card. The card is offered