HOMECut and Restored RopePage 2
This is a trick for those building a professional show. This trick uses nothing but a
three-foot length of rope and a pair of scissors. This trick fits well as a second trick in a
show and fits well somewhere near the middle of the act. It packs small and can be
contained in a pocket before performance. It can be done surrounded. If you were
building an illusion show, this trick would fit well as an interlude performed in front of
the curtain with a spotlight on you. It has been performed for over a hundred years and
is something magic audiences expect to see.
The trick requires some sleight of hand. The move is fairly, easy to do. The moves
presented in this version of the routine are a bit move advanced than the traditional way
of performing this sequence. The moves presented in this book are more deceptive and
logical. There are no jerks or jumps in the presentation and the flow moves smoothly
forward. You need not inject a lot of personality or humor into the routine as the magic
carries it along well. Some will, however: want to jazz it up. Patter is included that is a
bit tongue in cheek humor. This is an excellent routine for a beginner in magic. It fits
well in the second slot in you show for, presented as described, will demonstrate you
are a competent performer and give you a chance to relate on a personal level with your
audience. $10.00 from Amazon Books: BUY NOW