HOMERing-n-PencilPage 1
Ring-n-Pencil uses a finger ring and a long pencil with no other gimmicks. $10.00 from
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While in front of a serious spectator, show the ring and pencil. Slip the ring onto
the pencil. Then, wrap your hand around the ring and have the spectator hold the
ends of the pencil. They know it will not get away. Then the spectator is asked
to count to three. When they do, you open your hand and place it flat on the table.
The spectator will look all over the place trying to find the ring. The other hand
causally moves to the chin as if you ponder the action. Everyone else in the
room sees the ring and starts to laugh. The helper looks confused. Why the laughter
and where is the ring? Then, you hold out your hand and the helper sees it. They
point at it as if they just discovered it and attempt to tell everyone else where it is.
Suddenly the idea dawns on them that the ring jumped from the pencil to your other
hand and amazement fills their face.