HOMEShove ItPage 1
The performer presents three silvers and an oriental coin. The oriental coin is
placed aside and one silver is pushed from the hand The silver is placed on the
table in front of the other hand. The left hand drops on the coin and picks it up
While the left hand picks up the silver coin, the other hand pushes the next coin
forward and places it on the table. The left hand grasps the coin
and moves it off the table. The last coin is placed onto the table and the
left hand grasps it. The right hand picks up the
oriental coin and closes around it. The hands squeeze to make the
magic happen and open to show one silver has traveled to join the oriental.
The left hand slaps its coins onto the table The left hand picks up its
coins and moves out of the way when the right slaps its coins onto the table.
The right hand picks up its coins. Both hands squeeze the coins and
open to show another silver has jumped to the other hand. Once
again each hand dumps its coins to the table and picks them up.