HOMEShove ItPage 2
Both hands are squeezed, then opened to reveal all
silvers have traveled.
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The development of the material in this book began long ago. Many versions have
come and gone. This incarnation is the result of comments about the Pop Up Move.
The Pop Up move is several generations old. I have always valued it as one of the most
powerful moves in coin magic. True, it is limited to places where it can be applied.
However, in those environments, it has always seemed to me to be the best. As time
has passed, however, I have heard comments that the move is not natural. The first
happened at a lecture I did in Ireland. I was presenting some coin stuff and someone
stood up shouting indignantly, "You claim you are natural and you do that thing that no
one has ever seen before." Well, I am not sure how to respond to that. To me the only
people claiming it is unnatural are magicians. My audiences seem to appreciate it.
They accept the idea that I am doing something to show them exactly what I am doing.
Yet, I got the comment just mentioned and read comments from magicians from a
variety of sources that the Pop Up move is not natural.