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Troublewit is a paper folding demonstration using an accordion pleated piece of paper.
The paper is not only pleated but also folded so it can be opened during a performance
to make a variety of designs. Some claim the paper can form hundreds of designs. This
book presents about 40. $17.00 from Amazon Books: BUY NOW
There are several key features about the presentation of Troublewit in this book. The
first is that this book describes how to make one using a normal sheet of typing paper.
A second is that the paper can be printed in a normal computer printer to enhance the
appearance of the routine. This work offers some new designs. The final design is a
peacock. The paper can be printed with color to support that fold.
The first half of the book provides information on how to make a Troublewit that can
be performed close up. The second half of the book presents a small performance. The
presentation includes designs and a bit of patter to go with the presentation.
The book recommends drawing fine lines on the paper to guide one when folding the