HOMEVernon Hug and KissPage 1
A copper coin and a silver coin are displayed. The coins are shown on both
sides. One coin is held in each hand. Note the silver is on the right and has an 'O' cut
into it. Both hands close into fists. The hands are raised near the mouth
where the performer blows on both coins. Then the hands are opened and the silver is
still on the right. Now, the 'X' is in the coin. The spaces have changed places.
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The history of this effect goes back a long time. It goes back to the days I was renting
booths at magic conventions and hawking my books to any magician that would
wander by. That may be thirty years ago. One of the other dealers was Palmer Tilden.
He owned and operated Sterling Magic at the time. We had lunch together one day and
he suggested that I come up with a trick that he could manufacture and sell. I did not