HOMEVernon Hug and KissPage 2
take it serious, however, the idea stuck in the back of my mind. Later, I thought about it
and took up the challenge. I came up with the concept of Hugs and Kisses.
The trick used six coins. Three had X's cut into them and the other three had O's cut
into them. The effect consisted of sliding coins under two sheets of paper lying on the
table. Coppers with O's were slid under one sheet while silvers with X's showing were
slid under the other paper. When the papers were raised, the silver and copper coins
were seen to still be where they were placed. However, the X's and O's had changed
There was a major problem in that the props were very expensive to make. Palmer had
a staff of several women with jeweler saws cutting X's and O's into the coins. This
made for a very expensive trick.
The secret of success in selling the trick was in how it was presented. Palmer put a
large piece of cardboard in the back of a booth at magic conventions. Then, he would
do it for a potential customer. After the trick was performed, Palmer would ask the
spectator that had just watched it to explain how it worked. The spectator could not.
Then, Palmer would turn and put a line on the large piece of paper at the back of the