HOMETricks Every Magician Should KnowPage 1
About the Book
This book is for beginners. It introduces many things most magicians have picked up
during their long involvement with the practice. In a way, after you read this, you are
no longer a beginner. When I started magic I might have known a few of these things.
Then, as I hung around with magicians, I picked up a lot of information. While most of
this is in books, you will probably not seek it out. Some of the things here are features
of someone's act. Many of them can be built up to be really something. However, the
intention is to present many of the little things that magicians do. They are stunts
magicians use to do for someone in a restaurant or for someone at a party when
someone mentions magic. For example, you could be standing in line in a restaurant.
There is a child in front of you staring at you. You could pull out a pencil and make it
disappear. Things here include flipping a coin so it always lands heads up or folding a
handkerchief to look like a rabbit. Or, stick ten pins deep into your thumb without
drawing blood or feeling pain. There are over 100 items. $15.00 from Amazon Books: