HOMETricks Every Magician Should KnowPage 2
Note that these items are often things I have seen many other magicians do. They are
not necessarily items that I would do. I have never shoved a cigarette up my nose in
public. I have seen others do so. Sometimes it did not go over well. Sometimes it was
very funny and the people watching it thought it was a hoot. With me, it would never
be funny.
Here is an outline of the items presented in the book.
-- Shoestring Knot
-- Flipping a Pencil
-- Pretzel Knot
-- How to sharpen a Knife on a Plate
-- Pencil Rotation Stunt
-- Turn Washington Upside Down
-- The Famous Red Snapper
-- How to Use an Ink Pen as a Red Snapper
-- Spirits talking Through a Wine Glass
-- How to Shoot Rubber Bands