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About the Book
This was the second book I published on magic back about 1965. Then it was done
with a standard typewriter and the pictures were shot by a person I worked with. Then
I had no idea how to do any of this. I printed a bunch and sold them for about five
years. So, I printed some more and after a few years those were sold. It was out of print
for many years after that. I had one copy. The personal computer age blossomed and
one day my fiancÚ typed the book into Word. I took pictures of the pictures in the
book, put everything together, and put it up for sale as a PDF. Eventually I turned to
selling a hardcopy version on Amazon books. I did not expect it to do well, but it has
done as well as any other book I sell. Many reread it to pick up some bit overlooked
before. One of the features of the book is the amount of theory presented. At time of
writing, I did not think there was a market for a pure theory book. I decided to
incorporate theory discussions at the beginning of the books I wrote. $13.50 from
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