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About this Book
This book is for people that want to master coin magic but are new to the subject. This
book consists of three parts. First, some general information is offered to the new
student about performing magic and some theory about it. Second, the basic and
standard sleights most frequently used in coin magic are presented and explained.
Third, a set of coin tricks are presented that require no previous experience with magic
and are easy to do. They are designed to be performed by those new to magic. $13.50
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New magicians usually do not do organized shows. Most magicians perform some kind
of a regular act. This affects the types of tricks done and where they appear in the
show. The first trick is usually quick snappy and introduces one as a magician. Then,
the last trick is usually something that is very powerful designed to cause the audience
to remember the magician after a performance. The new magician usually performs a