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single trick for a family member, a friend, or a small group. The tricks offered here fit
into that style for most of these can be shown to anyone at any time.
Although this book is for beginners, it attempts to do more than most books designed
for beginners. Usually in beginner's books, the moves are explained in a mechanical
way. The authors of these books write as if their intent is to expose how the trick works
rather than share how something might be performed. In this book, the beginner is
treated as a serious student of magic and some very critical details of the sleights are
carefully explained. For example, in many books for beginners coin vanishes are
presented simply as motions of pretending to put a coin into the other hand. While this
describes the mechanics of what happens, there is a great deal more to these moves
than simply clipping a coin to prevent it from falling into the other hand.
Then, there is another advantage to this book. Some of the items are common to many
beginner books. However, they are not well explained. If performed as others describe
these moves and routines, your chances of success are limited. Again, the standard
way of presenting standard moves and routines leave out critical information about
presentation. The information here offers real details necessary to make these routines