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Zombie is a floating ball effect.. $25.00 from Amazon Books: BUY NOW .
The Zombie appears as a silver ball about 4 inches in diameter. The performer holds a
large cloth and the ball floats while touching the cloth. It moves about under the cloth
and sometime rides on top of the cloth. In the routine presented in this book, the ball
has a mischievous personality. The performer attempts to display the ball's properties
but attempts to get away from the performer and smacks him in the chin.
The product sold here is a routine to be used with Zombie balls sold by many magic
dealers. The book is about working with the gimmick that normally comes with the
prop, how to make the cloth used in this routine, and the sophisticated moves used.
This effect is normally done on stage. This version was designed to be done
surrounded and can be done close-up. This is a very advanced effect and requires
extensive skill and practice